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What kind of events can you do?

This is our most frequently asked--and favorite--question. The answer: ANYWHERE there are people who want to take photos.

Will an attendant be on-site?

Yes, of course! Our attendants are all professional photographers who maintain quality and flow throughout the night to help guests get the most out of the booth. We would never just set out some funny hats and scram.

How many people fit comfortably in the open-air booth?

The booth is large enough to fit 8-10 people comfortably, but the record is 19 people. Yep, NINETEEN.

How much space is required to set the booth up?

A 10x10 space for the booth, with electrical access and space for foot traffic to flow either side. If you add a projector or a print station, we will need a bit more breathing room.

How much time is required for setup and takedown?

We can work with tight schedules, but ideally we prefer to have 1-2 hours to set up (depending on how elaborate the booth is) and 45 minutes to tear down.

What happens to the pictures after the event?

Within 24 hours, we upload your album to our Facebook page, where guests can easily grab their new profile pictures! We also send you a zip file or a disc within a week of the event.

I’d prefer a private gallery—is that possible?

Sure. Just let us know and we will keep your pics on lock. Guests will be handed little cards with the private gallery URL so they can find them after the party.

Can I request to remove photos from my gallery?

Yep. Your cousin had a little too much fun and ended up mooning the camera? No worries. While we are pretty good at talking would-be mooners out of mooning the first place, we also filter out any inappropriate photos before uploading them to Facebook. If you are still concerned, we can always create a private gallery—but we find most guests love the ability to tag and share the photos easily.


What types of backdrops are available?

We have a fabulous selection of fun, quirky and beautiful, solid colored and patterned backdrops available. 

How much is a custom backdrop?

The cost varies with each one, depending on how the materials and labor needed. We can work within any budget—past backdrops have ranged from $50 to $500.

I’m a DIY monster and I’d really like to make my own backdrop—is that possible?

Yes. We will give you the exact dimensions and specifications if you choose to get crafty.

Can you work with a green screen?

Generally, we tend to dissuade our clients from green screens because our custom backdrops allow for higher quality images (we’re such sticklers for quality!). That being said, if you are considering a green screen, we’ll happily work with you to make it happen.

How does the instant Print Yourself! station work?

We set up our snazzy high-speed dye-sub printer, which only needs 6-10 seconds per copy. A Snap Yourself! print operator will also be on hand to help guests choose their favorite photos and ensure the process runs smoothly. For larger events, we can add a second print station to accommodate the higher volume.

How does the instant Share Yourself! station work?

The Share Yourself! station is set up on an iPad to allow guests to email, tweet and share their photos on the spot to magnify the social media impact of an event.

How does the third party gallery upload work?

This service can build a stronger social media following by posting the pictures directly on your Facebook page. With your permission, we would either post the images straight from your page or send you a zip file with all of the images within 24 hours so you can post them yourself. We also create custom cards pointing your guests to the right page.

Do you have a price list?

We are happy to provide full quotes and prices upon request. Just let us know what you need!

Um, my question… it’s not on this list.

Just give us a shout at and answers shall be yours!